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Blogging Beyond the Basics

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Exploring the Pedagogical Possiblities of Blogging


Why Should Teachers Blog?


    Read here to learn more about how blogging can become an integral part of professional reflection


A very comprehensive list of teacher blogs, kid blogs, and blogs by subject area is being compiled on this wiki and is well worth browsing.



Edublogs is a good platform that allows uploads of audio/ video/photos and provides many recources for blogging in classrooms.   A good set of instructional videos can be found here.  Edublogs is sometimes available in schools that block other blogging sites.


Class Blogmeister is a blogging platform used in many schools because it is relatively safe, open only to teachers and their students, and allows for teacher moderation of all posts and comments. 


Teaching Tips.com offers 50 Blogging Tips for Teachers --a good, comprehensive resource for the how and why of blogging.



Blog2Learn is a very comprehensive wiki on classroom blogging, including links to classroom blogs across the content areas, pages on how to teach students to comment, reviews of different platforms.  An excellent  resource.




Link here to the Professional Networking page for examples of teacher blogs.


The Blog of Proximal Development includes this excellent, comprehensive post on How to Grow a Blog, including really solid explanations for how learning changes in a classroom full of student bloggers.



Getting Started on Classroom Blogging  is a good article on how to help students see blogging as more than another word processing assignment.



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