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Special Needs

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Adaptive Technologies for Learners with Special Needs



Adaptive Technologies


All Together We Can Do It is a blog with frequent updates on current (often free) technologies for learners with special needs.


This wiki offers multiple resources for "Universal Design for Learning" -- adapting teaching and learning for all students.


Apple Computers offer a full range of adaptive tools for diverse learners, including text-to-speech translation for most websites and files.



 Converting Text to Audio


For converting text to audio, Spoken Text looks very promising.  With an extension to Firefox browser, you can request recording of webpages, and you can email documents and PDFs.  Recordings come in the form of MP3s that you can download to Itunes and listen to on your MP3 player.   Recording class materials?  Family newsletters?  What are the possibilities here


Read the Word is another promising tool that allows you to convert webpages, documents, blog posts, and other texts to audio. 





There is a very comprehensive list of accessible (audio, alternative format ) children's books here, including directions on how to make talking books with PowerPoint.


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